The 10th World Bamboo Congress is now accepting papers for consideration for inclusion in its vast Program. The theme of the Congress is:

Bamboo for a Greener Future

Deadline for paper submission is 1 January 2015.

Below are suggested TOPICS for consideration:

Morphology & Taxonomy:
  • Morphology
  • Taxonomy (including molecular methods in taxonomy)
  • Anatomy
  • Culm properties
Propagation, Plantation and Management:
  • Propagation Methods
  • Genetic Improvements
  • Plantation Planning & Management
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Harvesting
Post-Harvesting and Processing:
  • Preservation and protection
  • Mechanical and chemical properties
  • Products and by-products from the living culm
  • The harvested culm
  • Machining
  • Fibers extraction
Architecture, Engineering and Social Housing:
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties
  • Construction Systems and Methods (Materials, Joinery, Modulation)
  • Constructions (Houses, Buildings, Bridges)
  • Social Housing
Products, Design and Technologies:
  • Products Design (Furniture, Utensils, Housewares, Equipment)
  • Boards (Glue Laminated Bamboo Boards, Fiber Boards, Mat Boards)
  • Machinery
  • Fibers and fiber characteristics (Paper, Textiles, Composite)
  • Energy (Charcoal, Biomass)
Food and Pharmaceuticals:
  • Nutritional properties of shoots
  • Medicinal value
  • Processing and Packaging
  • Functional Food and Nutraceuticals
Resources, Standards, Commerce and Policy Aspects:
  • Production and Supply Chain
  • Public Policies and Laws
  • Import and Export
  • Transportation
  • Financing
Community and Economic Development:
  • Poverty reduction
  • Experience with livelihood development projects
  • Methodologies
  • Training
  • Information and Communication
Ecology and Environmental Concerns:
  • Forest Dynamics
  • Afforestation and Reforestation
  • Environmental Impacts & Landscape Use
  • Carbon Sequestration, Remediation, Watershed Protection
  • Endangered Species
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Associated Fauna and Flora
Regional reports
  • Exchange news from around the world. Submit your topic and your country to: Susanne Lucas, Executive Director, for consideration.

Submitting a Paper

If you wish to submit a paper relating to any of the above categories, please read carefully the "Paper Submission Process" guidelines below.

All papers will be forwarded to the Technical Committee for review.

The above-mentioned categories will be developed into sessions of lecture and discussion sessions. The decision on the final structure and composition of the sessions in question will rest with the designated Chair of that session, and it is possible that some discussion workshops will also have a demonstration component and/or poster.

The program will be divided into components encompassing Science and Society. The lectures and discussion sessions will offer considerable problem-solving opportunities and will be under the direct control of the chairpersons who can both request and/or select speakers and poster presentations from among the contributions received, based upon clearly defined goals for each session. Speakers will deliver case studies, specific examples from the field, share useful experience reports to better our understanding of the topic.


Original work and other presentations that cannot be accommodated in the oral presentation schedule will be presented as posters and there will be plenty of time for scheduled discussion on the poster papers as well.

Paper Submission Process
  • Papers should be submitted using the Instructions for Submitting a Paper guidelines.
  • Papers should be submitted electronically before 1 January 2015 via email to:
  • The Technical Committee set up by WBO's International Advisory Committee will review all properly submitted papers. Please see the Committees page for more details about who makes up the Technical Committee and the IAC.
  • Review comments will be made available to the authors no later than 1 March 2015; revised papers can be resubmitted no later than 1 June 2015; the decision on whether the paper is approved for an oral presentation will be communicated before 1 March 2015.
  • Papers approved for inclusion in the 10th WBC shall be forwarded to the congress editor for publication.
  • Acceptable papers that are not approved for inclusion as oral presentations in the conference shall be considered for potential as a Poster display.

Please refer to the Instructions for Submitting a Paper and the Guidelines for Poster Presentations.