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Keynote Speakers

Our event features an exciting agenda with a distinguished Keynote Speaker who will share valuable insights and expertise in Bamboo.
Join us for an inspiring session that promises to set the tone for an engaging and informative conference experience.


Value Chain

Arief Rabik, Indonesia
IndoBamboo, Founder/World Bamboo Ambassador

Arief is founder of Indobamboo, integrating community–based sustainable forestry with cutting-edge wood modification technology and innovative industrial design to create sustainable bamboo products, such as building elements, panels, etc. In 2019, he received the Climate Breakthrough Award, an initiative of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in partnership with the Oak Foundation, the IKEA Foundation, the JPB Foundation, and the Good Energies Foundation. He was awarded the Earth Company Impact Hero in 2021.


Degraded Land Restoration

Camille Rebelo, Kenya
EcoPlanet Bamboo, Forester

Camille has been responsible for the origination, implementation, and management of EcoPlanet Bamboo’s operations to date in Nicaragua, South Africa, and Ghana, currently representing more than 35,000 acres. Through EcoPlanet Bamboo, Camille has developed global and local frameworks within which bamboo can be a positive tool for achieving landscape restoration while reducing deforestation through the provision of a deforestation-free fiber to major markets and industries.


Plantations, Housing, Carbon

David Sands, USA
RIZOME、Bamboo Living, Chief Architect, Structural Engineer & LEED accredited professional

David is the Founder, Director, and Chief Product Officer for Bamboo Ecologic Corporation and RIZOME, a company that is reforesting thousands of acres and producing laminated bamboo building materials. Their mission is to sequester gigatons of carbon by developing giant bamboo into a primary global building material. David also helped develop the first US building code standard for structural bamboo as Chief Architect of his company, Bamboo Living, based in Hawaii.


Fiber & Composite Innovations

Eduoard Sherwood, France
Cobratex, Founder & CEO

Edouard SHERWOOD, with a background in aeronautics, founded COBRATEX in 2010, aiming to harness bamboo's eco-friendly attributes and untapped potential for composites. His prior success in innovative engineering projects and environmental initiatives laid the foundation for this industrial venture with ecological and technical excellence.


Biomaterial Innovations

Edwin Zea Escamilla, Switzerland
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Biomaterials

Edwin Zea Escamilla, an architect with an MSc in Urban Environmental Management, completed his doctoral degree in Sustainable Construction at ETH Zurich in 2016. Specializing in life cycle and sustainability analysis of construction materials, he is the Head of Sustainable Building and Real Estate at the University of Zurich, actively contributing to international research projects. Edwin is a member of the Bamboo Construction Task Force and a Topic Editor for the Journal Sustainability.


Circular Economy

Felix Böck, Germany
ChopValue, Innovator

Felix Böck knocks on wood for a living, and lately, his friends can find him counting chopsticks for a change. ChopValue Manufacturing Ltd., has allowed Felix to discover a way to connect his expertise and research focus on bamboo composite materials within a global community of factories while working on his Ph.D at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Motivated to create global impact in the bamboo industry, he has gained experience by working on factory planning and product development projects in more than 20 countries with his engineering firm CrossLink Technologies — where ChopValue originated as a product development exercise.


Innovations in Engineered Bamboo for Construction

Lin Hai , China
Dasso Group, Founder

Lin Hai, founder of Dasso, is a prominent figure in China's bamboo industry. As a visiting professor at Nanjing Forestry University and VP of both the China Forest Products Industry Association and China Bamboo Industry Association, he's dedicated to bamboo technology research and application. Lin Hai has received over 20 awards, including the Lifetime Honor Award from China Forest Products Industry and the Most Influential Person Award in China's Flooring Industry. His expertise in bamboo processing and utilization makes him a key contributor to the industry's growth.


Value Chain

Jed Long , Australia
Builder Cave Urban, Architect

Jed Long studied Architecture at the University of New South Wales. Prior to joining Cave Urban, Jed spent several years working at PTW architects gaining experience on large scale urban projects. Jed has developed his passion for sustainable design through a series of workshops and cross-cultural exchanges in Thailand, China, Japan and Portugal. Jed views education and community engagement as a means to empower and inspire others to step beyond conventional architectural ideals.


Climate Smart Housing

Luis Felipe Lopez, Philippines
Base Bahay Foundation Inc., Engineer

Luis, originally from Colombia, manages the implementation of Base's Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology in the Philippines. He joined Base Bahay in 2014 as Head of Product Development for Bamboo Housing and previously consulted for the HILTI Foundation on bamboo construction systems. Luis holds a Civil Engineering degree and played key roles in bamboo structural design standards development, including ISO 22156 and the NSCP 8th Edition in 2022 for the Philippines. He's also a member of the ISO Committee TC 165 for timber and bamboo structures.


Food Fortification

Nirmala Chongtham, India
Department of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Dr. Nirmala Chongtham, a leading authority on bamboo shoot nutrition, has dedicated 20 years to research in the Department of Botany, Panjab University, India. Born in Manipur, she explores bamboo's nutritional benefits, focusing on North Eastern India. In 2020, she co-authored the seminal book, Bamboo Shoot: Superfood for Nutrition, Health and Medicine.‍


World Ambassador Exchange Time

Li-Fang Tang, Taiwan
Yunlin Storyteller Association,Founder / President ‍

Was born and raised in Taiwan.Is a passionate activist and is committed to learning and sharing inspirational stories. Believes that we make the world we live more beautiful by the love and stories we share. To her storytelling is an act of giving as well as a way of living.  Taiwan Bamboo Society First President (2013~2016)World Bamboo Ambassador since 2015‍


Bamboo Construction Movement TAIWAN

Peter Kan, Taiwan
DZ Architect & Associates, Lead Architect

Architect Peter Kan leads the team at the Da-Tsang Architect & Associates, continuously exploring architectural materials and construction methods to develop structures that harmonize with the local climate. In 2013, Architect Kan designed the Yunlin Agriculture Expo Ecological Park, initiating the use of local bamboo in construction and continually innovating in materials and techniques. Since 2016, he has served two terms as the Chairman of the Taiwan Bamboo Society, furthering the promotion of bamboo construction talent development programs and passing on his experiences in bamboo architecture design to promising professionals.


Bamboo Regeneration and
Construction Documentary Premiere

Li Lu-chih, Taiwan
Lizen Education Fundation, Founder and CEO

Li Lu-chih's architectural philosophy integrates culture, life, and industry in rural contexts, cultivating each piece of land before transforming spaces. Choosing a less trodden path, she engages in rural communities, shaping livelihood spaces. Harmonizing human and land coexistence, she views architecture as a worldly practice, collaborating for considerate, caring environments, and honoring Earth.


Industrial Technology and Innovation Biochar Materials

Shih-Chi Lee, Taiwan
Industrial Technology Research Institute Central Region Campus, Deputy General Director

Shih-Chi Lee is Deputy General Director at ITRI Central Region Campus, chairman of the Taiwan Ecological Materials Association, and a member of the CNS National Standards Technical Committee. He joined ITRI in 1994, holding various positions and serving in key roles in national technology projects. He has won awards for innovation in biomass circular economy and now focuses on agricultural innovation and ecological technology.


Bamboo Shoot Cultivation in Taiwan

Ling-Teng Chang, Taiwan
AllGreen, Chairman

Ling-Tang Chang, leader of AllGreen in Tainan, Taiwan, inherited the plantation from his father Kuo-Chen Chang. Under Kuo-Chen's mentorship, Ling-Tang learned the intricacies of bamboo cultivation, including managing soil, weather, and bamboo characteristics. Chang had discovered a new path of Bamboo mosaic virus infection, leading to groundbreaking research published in Frontier. Ling-Tang's farm achieved virus-free crops, yielding up to 11 tons per hectare. He aims to share his knowledge to reduce virus infection rates by 50% in Taiwan and improve bamboo quality worldwide.


Marvels of bamboo in the maritime industries

Gunter Pauli, Belgium
Author of the Blue Economy, Co-Founder of Porrima Inc.

Gunter Pauli (1956) is an entrepreneur known for innovative business models. In the 1980s, during a major economic crisis, he led a think tank to identify high-growth service companies in Europe. In the 1990s, he prepared for the Kyoto Protocol after building the first green factory with zero emissions. He advises governments, entrepreneurs, and business leaders on breakthrough innovations for meeting basic needs like water, food, shelter, health, and energy. Using local resources, he creates value. In the 21st century, he accelerated solutions from his book "The Blue Economy," a Club of Rome report in over 50 languages. He authored 23 books, printed in 46 languages, and 365 fables for children, blending science and emotions.


Marvels of bamboo in the maritime industries

Stan Shih, Taiwan
Chairman of StanShih Foundation,
Co-founder & Honorary Chairman of the Acer Group

Stan Shih is the Chairman of StanShih Foundation, Co-founder & Honorary Chairman of the Acer Group.Throughout his career and all his life , he has been a social entrepreneur From January 2017, he serves as the Honorary Chairman, Major League IoT to promote rapid transformation of Taiwan industry to face critical challenges in the future. Creating value interdisciplinary , playing as a promoter to integrate culture and technology.


Taiwan Bamboo Traces+

Shyh-Huei Hwang, Taiwan
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology,
Distinguished Professor of Graduate School of Design

Shyh-Huei Hwang, As Dean of Design College (2016-2019) at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, .His role as Project Leader (2019-2024) for regional museums highlighted his commitment to cultural heritage and community engagement. With extensive experience in directing innovation centers and as a distinguished professor, he has mentored students and advanced design research. His multidisciplinary approach and leadership in cultural preservation underscore his lasting impact on Taiwan's design and academic sectors.


Bamboo Jointing: An Initial Exploration of Industrialization

Chien-Tung Chen, Taiwan
YumuMR Studio, Founder

Founded by Chien-Tung Chen in 2011, YumuMR Studio is composed mainly of members with backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, and sculptural art. They have assisted architects, architectural scholars, and artists in the development of various structural concepts and experimental constructions using natural materials such as wood and bamboo in the field of architecture and space. They regularly organize workshops to lower the threshold for working with natural materials, assisting more interested individuals in self-construction projects.


Let's Build with Bamboo - A Complete Construction Manual, Vol 1 & 2

Neelam Manjunath
Manasaram Architects, Founder

"Ar. Neelam Manjunath is a trailblazer in sustainable architecture and bamboo innovation. Graduating with dual degrees in Science and Architecture, she has refined her expertise at Harvard's Graduate School of Design and Dayalbagh University. Based in Bangalore, Neelam stands out for her use of low-energy materials, especially bamboo, driving sustainability and eco-education. Explore her story, from reconnecting with nature to leading eco-friendly architectural practices, and her pivotal role in shaping sustainable living with projects like Bamboo Symphony, and her latest book, 'Let's Build with Bamboo'.

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